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Diamond requires UPC symbols on all books - TITLE: Writing Comics

About Diamond requires UPC symbols on all books

Previous Entry Diamond requires UPC symbols on all books Nov. 19th, 2008 @ 02:49 pm Next Entry
My two latest books were rejected by Diamond (no surprise, I guess), mainly because they didn't have UPC symbols and/or ISBN's. I asked when this became a requirement, since it's not listed on their website. I was told by one of their brand managers that it is indeed NOT on the website yet, but will be after the website's latest update.

So, don't bother sending them anything unless it has a UPC symbol and/or ISBN.

I was also told that Scared Ya! was also rejected because it's magazine size and most retailers don't like magazine-sized comics. When did this become the case? Can anyone tell me this?

They also thought the reprint of BBVD wouldn't make their $1,500.00 benchmark even though the first printing sold out in rapid time. Oh well.

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