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TITLE: Writing Comics

SUBTITLE: For writers who can't draw

Writing Comics
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a community for those of us who want to create comics (commercial or alternative), but cannot draw, The Writers.
While artists and artists who write are certainly welcome to join, this community is for writer-centric topics.
Such as:
  • script writing

  • finding artists

  • working with artists

  • self promotion

  • bouncing ideas

  • and the usual writer issues; plot, dialog, character etc.

New Members: Please check out the Writing Comics Etc Page before asking questions about script format, references or where to find artists.

Community Rule: Announcing your project has come into print isn't a problem. Good for you! But give us something that happened behind the scenes. Links to your project must be accompanied with at least 50 words about the project from the writer's perspective. Tell us something you learned while writing the story; compromises you made with your artist, script format innovations, details about the business end - dealing with publishers or printers. Make it relevant to the community.

Related communities:
comic_creators which is more for artists who are writers.